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Topographic surveying

Rilievo con robot

Over 100 km of motorway detected and calculated in Milan

01 February 2024
Verification and integration of the mapping of highways n. A52 and A51 with the help of Geosolvo Solutions®

Survey of a Portuguese winery using a three-dimensional laser scanner

07 September 2023
Direct point cloud acquisition

Topographical tracings of warehouses

16 July 2023
Traced 3 construction sites in Northern Italy for a multinational corporate
 Construction site tracing

Surveying of construction sites

14 March 2023
Technical consulting services and tracing activities
Riverbed survey

Topographical surveys river belt

08 February 2023
Three-dimensional measurements for preparation hydrological-hydraulic study of a watercourse
Assistenza geologica-topografica

Surveys and Monitoring in BBT tunnels

03 February 2023
Topographic services for the construction of the BBT tunnel in Austria
1st prize: Social Innovation and Sustainable Development

1st prize: Social Innovation and Sustainable Development

11 November 2022
The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce delivers the first prize to Monitor the Planet!
3D laser scanner processed

Laser scanning 3D survey - metal building

09 November 2022
Assistance and surveying to the structural works management in a civil masonry building reinforcement intervention.
Air Force Pisignano

External survey of military airport

13 September 2022
Plano Altimetric laser scanner measurements
Nuvola di punti

3D Laser Scanner in Thermoelectric Power Station in Turbigo (MI)

03 July 2022
2 km of the Combined Cycle Power Plant’s reticular beam were detected for the realization of new project.

Thermographic inspection of the landfill

16 June 2022
Survey with drone and thermal camera
 External survey

Survey of a condominium on Lake Como

03 June 2022
Activities with internal and external laser scanner instrumentation
Surveys with Drone

Survey of the Lamone River

15 May 2022
Water course surveyed in Faenza
Bridge scan

Survey bridge Casola Val Senio (RA)

04 April 2022
Carried out survey of structural geometry of the artifact
external survey

3D external and internal survey of an industrial factory

31 March 2022
Three-dimensional survey of buildings
Monitor the Planet is running a project to support the Climate Adaptation Strategy

Monitor the Planet is running a project to support the Climate Adaptation Strategy

10 March 2022
Despite of the hard scenario these days, the team has shown great resilience and has been able to react by focusing on product innovation
Acquisizione punti autostradali

Surveys of former rest areas and related underpasses

03 February 2022
Surveyed lay-bys of A7 - A50 - A51 - A52 highways
Elaborate BIM

Color survey of building

25 January 2022
Acquisition of topographical data for Superbonus contribution 110%.
 Capture of electromagnetic waves

Geophysical survey of the subsoil in Ravenna

18 January 2022
Georadar and topographic survey for tank indentation
Survey of the external facades

3D survey industrial building and surrounding area

12 January 2022
Laser scanner scanning in Mantua
MecGeos support the Geomatic Technician

5700 scans 3D laser scanner of Ministry of Defence's real estates

13 December 2021
Seismic tests through the creation of a laser scanner model. We used: 5 laser scanners + 1 drone RTK + 8 tripods + 1 MecGeos
Track section measurement

Geometric survey of track section

04 November 2021
Detailed verification in the railway field
Relief roof Hotel

Surveys 3D of Luxury Hotel

20 October 2021
Surveyed two important hotels in Caserta (CE)
Laserscanner survey

Condominium complex survey

12 October 2021
Acquired about 12.000 mq of data in a single day
Thermal processed

Thermographic survey of the condominium

28 September 2021
Building surveyed by infrared camera
 Bathymetric data acquisition

Plano-altimetric surveys and bathymetry on the Tanaro river

20 September 2021
Surveyed 25 kilometers of the second river of Piedmont
Survey of the Centerpiece

Survey of the Centerpiece by Giacomo Raffaelli

14 September 2021
Surveyed classic monuments of the Royal Palace of Milan
Survey of archaeological works

Survey of primitive historical finds

08 September 2021
Some works of the Archaeological Museum of Acqui Terme surveyed
3D scans

8000-year-old artifact survey

27 August 2021
Ancient Piroga of the Museum of inland navigation detected
Rilevamento topografico ponte

3D survey of a masonry arch bridge

02 August 2021
Surveyed the structure located below the Bailey Bridge in Faenza (RA)
3D terrain model

Drone LIDAR survey with topographic support

09 July 2021
Surveyed Corso (VR) campaign area
Mecgeos with Scanstation P30 on board

Topographical monitoring of docks

24 June 2021
Monitoring of channel banks in the centre of Comacchio (FE)
Survey exterior building

House survey in the historic center

10 May 2021
Internal and external survey of the building
Magnetometric survey

Georadar and Magnetometric surveys

16 April 2021
Survey of the subsoil by high frequency instrumentation
Three-dimensional survey of work in metal carpentry

Three-dimensional survey of work in metal carpentry

31 March 2021
Performed surveys for proper assembly verification
To redevelop UNESCO areas with 3D laser scanner

To redevelop UNESCO areas with 3D laser scanner

22 March 2021
This method is also useful for those involved in architecture, geomorphology and, more generally, the heritage of buildings in the historic center.
Municipality of Nizza Monferrato

3D surveys for the drafting of Color Plan

01 March 2021
Topographic support surveys of the streets of the historical center of Nizza Monferrato (AT)
Metodologia georadar

Geognostic and topographical investigations

16 February 2021
Surveys of the Pontelungo underground utility in Bologna (BO)
Monitor the Planet debuting at CES di Las Vegas.

Monitor the Planet debuting at CES di Las Vegas.

07 January 2021
CES® 2021 Digital Venue - January 11-14, 2020 - Las Vegas (USA)
Automated surveys with Mecgeos

Topographic surveys for the new construction of a second railway line

18 December 2020
Three-dimensional and photogrammetric surveys in Pettenasco
Rivista Camera di Commercio Emilia Romagna sceglie Monitor the Planet per la copertina.

Monitor the Planet chosen for the cover of ECONERRE

10 December 2020
Magazine of the Emilia-Romagna Chamber of Commerce
 Bathymetry monitoring

Bathymetric survey of an area of 107,000 sqm in Sandrigo

04 December 2020
Bathymetric survey and return of the three-dimensional model of the underside basin of the hollow floor
 Posizionamento Stazione totale

Periodic monitoring of active landslides

26 November 2020
Installation of integrated Geomos system and applications for remote movement visualization.
Laser Scanner Scans

Three-dimensional Laser Scanner and aerophotogrammetric surveys in Sanremo e Bordighera

26 October 2020
Topographical surveys of single-family and multi-family buildings for the purpose of obtaining the Superbonus contribution 110%.
Vista salita dei pesci

Topographical tracings - Hydroelectric power station on the river Po

01 September 2020
Topographic surveys and verifications of hydroelectric plants
Photogrammetric surveys of the Waste Centre

Photogrammetric surveys of the Waste Centre

01 July 2020
Realization of laser scanner surveys and polygonal determination with photogrammetric surveys of the Waste Centre.
Survey and monitoring of the settlement and volume of tanks of a waste collection plant

Survey and monitoring of the settlement and volume of tanks of a waste collection plant

04 May 2020
3D survey of the waste landfill area in order to monitor the data and compare them with historical data
Surveys of Meduna Torrent's riverbed

Surveys of Meduna Torrent's riverbed

09 March 2020
3D survey of 6km of riverbed to be inserted in historical series of surveys
Fotogrammetria Copertura

Point Cloud Model

08 January 2020
Laserscanner survey by drone and with MecGeos support. Result with oriented point cloud.