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Geognostic and topographical investigations

Surveys of the Pontelungo underground utility in Bologna (BO)

16 February 2021
Investigations have been carried with georadar instrumentation through the propagation of electromagnetic waves from the subsoil adjacent to the bridge for the identification of underground services.

In addition, topographic surveys were carried out for the two-dimensional representation of the underground utilities detected with elevation data.

The purpose of the assignment consisted in locating and identifying all the pipes, sewage drains and fences present in the area under investigation and representing them planimetrically.
  • Project: Investigations of the underground services
  • Client: Direct company
  • Place: Bologna (BO)
For the execution of the work was used the following instrumentation:
  • Georadar frequency 200/600 Mhz 
  • P30 Laser Scanner LeicaGeosystems
  • TS60 LeicaGeosystems
For the elaboration of the work the programs were used:
  • Cyclone LeicaGeosystems
  • Infinity LeicaGeosystems
  • 3DR Hexagon