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Technological and IT solutions for Geomatics

Cutting-edge measurement services for several different sectors such as road monitoring, construction, infrastructural monitoring, and many others.

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Mechatronics for Geodetic Systems

Mechatronics for Geodetic Systems

We are developing the second generation prototype

MecGeos v2

Concrete Cases

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Concrete Cases
Track section measurement

Geometric survey of track section

04 Nov 2021
Detailed verification in the railway field
 Bathymetric data acquisition

Plano-altimetric surveys and bathymetry on the Tanaro river

20 Sep 2021
Surveyed 25 kilometers of the second river of Piedmont
Survey of the Centerpiece

Survey of the Centerpiece by Giacomo Raffaelli

14 Sep 2021
Surveyed classic monuments of the Royal Palace of Milan
Mecgeos with Scanstation P30 on board

Topographical monitoring of docks

24 Jun 2021
Monitoring of channel banks in the centre of Comacchio (FE)

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