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Surveying and monitoring for infrastructure

Cutting-edge surveying also with self-driving robots for construction, infrastructure, environment, inspections for branch tunnels and much more.

Our self-driving robot
Make land mapping safe and simple

Make land mapping safe and simple

Digital transformation also in the construction market.

More than 300 successful surveying projects across Europe, whether data for digital twins or other new smart services for monitoring and control cities.

Concrete Cases
Rilievo con robot

Over 100 km of motorway detected and calculated in Milan

01 Feb 2024
Verification and integration of the mapping of highways n. A52 and A51 with the help of Geosolvo Solutions®
Riverbed survey

Topographical surveys river belt

08 Feb 2023
Three-dimensional measurements for preparation hydrological-hydraulic study of a watercourse

Thermographic inspection of the landfill

16 Jun 2022
Survey with drone and thermal camera