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MyGEO Solution

IT Service Management made for Geomatics

  • MyGEO Solution is a webapp created by Monitor the Planet;
  • This solution offers technical and operational support to services for Geomatics, the discipline that deals with the detection and processing of environmental and territorial data.
  • MyGeo Solution allows you to manage the way in which services are provided to your customers.
  • Quick, accurate, flexible initial cost estimation;
  • Real-time control of the workflow;
  • Transparency of the order management process;
  • Support to intercept of the problem in the workflow;
  • Concrete support for the quality of the service;
  • Supplier and Customer can control the workflow;
  • The Customer collaborates from the quote stage;
  • Possibility of quick estimates, even complex ones, even if more technicians are involved;
  • You can manage the interactions between the actors participating in the project;
  • Possibility of estimating an order in a concrete provable, rational, systematic and logical way. Avoiding the traditional empirical systems that often lead to contestation of the order.

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