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Smart City solutions to live better, thanks to MecGeos, the robot patented by Monitor the Planet

MecGeos 2.0

 Time saving, Cost reduction and improved effectiveness, thank to MecGeos.
 We have identified problems with the traditional tripod method and we created the solution.
MecGeos is an innovative robot system that supports the technician on the field.
MecGeos 2.0
MecGeos 2.0
MecGeos 2.0
Thanks to the gained experience, Monitor the Planet develops MecGeos (Mechatronic for Geodetic System), a robot which can automate measurement processes.
It can also reduce intervention costs and time as well as human error rate and the risks to the operator.
The development of the second generation prototype concerns the implementation of:
  • Autonomous driving - the robot will be able to move with no human intervention
  • Remote driving system - the robot will be remotely driven to access to dangerous places with no human intervention
  • Transmission of the data collected - transporting data on a fixed support is no more needed. Data will be submitted through mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • Cameras for video inspections - the robot will be able to inspect environments and capture movies and photos which may be useful for the topographic survey
  • Design and stability improvements - the robot will be safer and equipped with a recognizable and appealing design for the market.
  • Development of an App for commercial operation of the robot rental as well as the sale of related bundled services. We will also develop an on-line community of technician users.

Industrial Precision Measurement with Piping

MecGeos is a robot-system developed by Monitor the Planet

MecGeos reduces problems of geomatic technicians.

Measurement 3D laser scanner. Cost Reduction by MecGeos a robot with Auto Levelling System.