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Surveys and Monitoring for hydraulic works

Geomatic Engineering by innovative methodologies and technologies.

Special: MyGeo Solution
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We carry out monitoring and surveys aimed at controlling morphological variations for the study and realization of hydraulic settling.

This allows data to be realized and processed in order to acquire a historical set of information that can be used in the different phases of programming life.

The service offered can be realized with high precision technologies, for exaple GNSS and/or drone based on how you choose data return.

The use of the Drone allows to have two types of data return:

  • Return of data in orthophoto (geometrically correct aerial photography and georeferenced) for the state of fact updated following specific events
  • Return with cloud of points; as methodology is carried out a three-dimensional modeling for design to remove inert data or a modeling for sections, segmenting the river into several parts.

The use of GNSS allows to have the following data return:

  • Return of three-dimensional data with point cloud; the use of this instrument is predefined to insert and/or update data in the document Project Review Meeting or to perform a massive survey.

This instrument can also be used as an integration and support to the drone during the execution of the work.

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