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Laser scanning 3D survey - metal building

Assistance and surveying to the structural works management in a civil masonry building reinforcement intervention.

09 November 2022
Surveys of metallic carpentry for structural reinforcement of existing masonry were carried out.
In detail, laser scanner scans were performed which generated a three-dimensional model from a point cloud, these were used to verify the installation of the metal carpentry structures during the intervention.

The purpose of the assignment consisted in the assistance generated timely and elaborate checks useful for the structural works management, to obtaining information on the correct installation, and any discrepancies caused during the installation.
  • Project: Assistance for structural works management
  • Client: direct enterprise
  • Place: Rapallo (GE)

For the execution of the work was used the following instrumentation:

  • Laser scanner Riegl VZ400I

For the elaboration of the work the programs were used:

  • Cyclone Leica Geosystems
  • 3DReshaper Hexagon
  • Autocad