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Topographic surveys for the new construction of a second railway line

Three-dimensional and photogrammetric surveys in Pettenasco

18 December 2020
Laser Scanner scans and geometrical modeling were carried out along the railway network of Alessandria-Arona and Vignale-Domossola for the realization of a railway upgrading project commissioned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SPA (RFI).

The purpose of the assignment was to carry out survey and restitution of the state of fact of the train tracks and parallel areas for a band of 50 meters in order to allow the designers to take note of the interferences and geometries present on site.
  • Project: Rail surveys
  • Client: Costruzione Linee Ferroviarie 
  • Place: Pettenasco (NO) 
For the execution of the work was used the following instrumentation:
  • MecGeos Remote Control
  • TPS Motorized MS60 (0,5" - 1") Leica-Geosystems 
  • Laser Scanner P30 Leica-Geosystems 
  • GPS Zenith 40 e 35 Pro Geomax 
  • Drone Phantom4 RTK 
For the elaboration of the work the programs were used:
  • Cyclone Leica Geosystems
  • 3DReshaper Hexagon 
  • Fusion Geomax 
  • Pix4D

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