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Monitor the Planet debuting at CES di Las Vegas.

CES® 2021 Digital Venue - January 11-14, 2020 - Las Vegas (USA)

07 January 2021
Monitor the Planet enters the non-European market taking part of the world’s most influential fair for innovative electronics, arranged by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).
This great result has been achieved thanks to the support of ICE-Company (ICE-Agenzia): after a selection carried out by the organising committee, Monitor the Planet was admitted to participate to this event, this year being held in a virtual mode.
Our company is specialised in topographic surveys and terrestrial mapping and it now shows up to the American market with a robot developed by its own R&D.
The 4.0 assistant is called MecGeos®, acronym for Mechatronics for Geodetic System. Its aim is to solve problems for specialized technicians, helping them both in territorial survey and during verification and monitoring of infrastructures like bridges, dams and others. To be effective, these structural verifications bust be frequent and part of a overall picture of the management of the works. At present, the robot which is in its prototype phase, is able to carry and control cutting-edge geodetics instruments without any risk for the calibration of the equipment. This is thanks to a multidevices auto-leveling technology, standing on an automatically moving system.
The equipment we are talking about are typically robotic total stations, 3D laser scanner, GPS antennas.
They can be different both by typology and by brand. Let us take a practical example: at present, there is no technology applied to robotics which is able to handle such a robotic geodetic equipment like M60-TS60 Leica-Geosystem Trimble Top, with all the brands excelling for their precise sensor.
Monitor the Planet is looking for a funding that has as its short-term goal to accomplish the next release, which will be able to interact with the surrounding environment.
The funds will be used to enhance the work of the R&D department and to launch a marketing procedure by 2022. In the next update, the robot will avoid obstacles and will be able to send the collected datas directly to the operator in the office, going back autonomously over the paths planned by a specialised technician.
Thus, every step is being simplified and there is no need for operators to be in the field. Everything with a ease-of-use and a completely renewed and attractive design.
We believe it will be a lovely surprise for you to see our latest news at the fair.