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Drone LIDAR survey with topographic support

Surveyed Corso (VR) campaign area

09 July 2021
3D Laser Scanner survey was carried out on APR with topographical support equipment of about 16ha of land aimed at the design and construction of a Tibetan bridge by a foreign company.

The purpose of the assignment was to carry out a flight with LIDAR technology with accuracy of 1x1m and 5x5m in global georeferenced coordinates and drafting of technical report including orthophotos.
  • Project: Mapping via LIDAR 
  • Client: Collaboration 
  • Place: Corso (VR) 

The following equipment was used for the execution of the work:

  • Octocopter with Riegl miniVUX-2 
  • GPS Zenith 40 Geomax 

The following software was used to process the work:

  • Infinity Leica Geosystems 
  • 3DReshaper Hexagon 
  • Fusion Geomax

Cloud Viewer link: tips for better viewing.

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  • look at "Progetto" and click on the "project name" and increase the point size scale
  • look at "Progetto" and click on the "project name" and look at "Colore" you can see RGB selected by default. For non-color projects change "RGB" to "Gradiente di intensità"