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Bathymetric survey of an area of 107,000 sqm in Sandrigo

Bathymetric survey and return of the three-dimensional model of the underside basin of the hollow floor

04 December 2020
A three-dimensional survey was carried out by bathymetric survey using a motor dinghy equipped with a differential GPS receiver with RTK satellite correction, an active single beam echo sounder.

The purpose of the assignment was to extract the collected data and to create a 3D model in the form of a 3D report and graphic documentation and quoted plan in order to know the morphological course of the lake.
  • Project: Basin bathymetry from extraction of furnace material
  • Client: Direct company 
  • Place: Sandrigo (VI) 

For the execution of the work was used the following instrumentation:

  • GPS ZENITH 35 PRO GeoMax
  • Batimetro Sonar Mite 
For the elaboration of the work the programs have been used:
  • Sierrasoft Land-Prost