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Surveys 3D of Luxury Hotel

Surveyed two important hotels in Caserta (CE)

20 October 2021
External 3D scans of both hotels were carried out using three-dimensional instrumentation with topographical support.

In detail, the first hotel was carried out operations of survey and return of raw data, while for the second were carried out volumetric surveys of the area adjacent to the pool of the Hotel with return of listed plans and sections.

The purpose of the assignment was to deliver the data and to process the products in order to carry out works of restructuring of the buildings.
  • Project: Hotel survey 
  • Client: Direct company 
  • Place: Caserta (CE) 

For the execution of the work was used the following instrumentation:

  • Laser Scanner P30 Leica-Geosystems 
  • TPS Motorizzata TS60 (0,5") Leica-Geosystems 
  • Laser Scanner RTC360 LeicaGeoSystems 
  • SLAM 

For the elaboration of the work the programs have been used:

  • Cyclone LeicaGeosystems 
  • 3DReshaper Hexagon