Topographic Surveys

Topography (from the Greek words ‘topos’, place and ‘graphein’, write) is the science that studies the instruments and operating methods, both calculation and drawing, that are necessary to obtain a somewhat detailed graphic representation of an area of the earth's surface.

Topographic surveys are included in various classifications, depending on some of their characteristics. Many authors also define them as indirect surveys, in that the measurements are not taken directly from the object, but through instruments of a mid-high technological content, that allow their acquisition. Yet other define it as an instrumental survey because various types of instruments are used.
An essential part of the topographic survey is the on-site creation of the references requested by the clients or planners for infrastructural or civil engineering works. These references are technically defined as "geomatic positioning techniques" and can be more easily summarised in the word "tracings".

The tracings are indispensable during the construction and control of roadway construction sites, civil engineering works, quarries, mines, and tunnels.
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