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Mapping and surveying of cemetery areas

Geomatic Engineering by innovative methodologies and technologies.

Special: MyGeo Solution
We detect cemeteries with 3D laser scanner technology for management purposes with a cemetery information system: this measurement method allows us to digitally acquire the position and shape of objects, describing them using raw data with GIS and WebGIS mapping tools. The information systems of the cemetery deal with the procedures and the flow of information concerning all the management and operational aspects of the database.
The main types of data managed are:
  •  Sepulchers (position, type, availability, maintenance, etc.);
  •  Psalms (register, position, etc.);
  •  Concessions (register, cemetery management agenda, deadlines, authorizations, etc.);
  •  Services (tariff planning and collection, contractual deadlines, etc.).
These data can be derived from existing databases, paper documentation, technical, alphanumeric and photographic surveys on the site. We take care of collecting the data on the site to provide a "technical survey" which, together with the contracts and the history of existing data, is necessary to manage the system archive.

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