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Monitor the Planet offers rental services with operator!

The advantages of renting with the Planet Monitor

noleggio monitor the planetThe MTP service aims to provide you with the opportunity to obtain all raw data and return precise, clean and reliable at a reduced cost for each type of project to tackle.

Looking at studies, companies, individual professionals, individual firms, structured companies, farmers, universities and even in private, Nolo MTP, I am certainly instruments that now make the difference on the way to work.


• The instrumentation is always verified and possesses instrumental certification stating the correct measurements
• To always work with newer equipment and technologically up to date, at the best price
• To always have the possibility of working in the field and most are for you
• You pay the meter operator and only time you use them
• You must not provide for maintenance, repair, assistance and technical expertise will have an expert in the field to study the best solution you need to give a complete and accurate service.

You can choose to work with your software or with processing included, you can rent modern equipment and laser scanner to scan, process data collected by drones or GPS and even penetrating radar or satellite data. And 'it can with the help of the card for data processing (MTP card) to join several key technology to develop projects with observations made from the ground up to the satellites included
!Finally it is possible that in the process of relief or tracking in the country is necessary to connect, process or redetermine.

It will be possible, in some cases, to work with ease and run directly in the field operations that formerly required a processing in the office, determine measures and verify in real time (without loss of time), forgot to return to the office to check and maybe go back to countryside!
The service of rental with operator monitor the Planet has no boundaries!