Remote Control Kit

The new tracking of the prism lock system research - Lock - Re-Lock.The automation cycle describes the automation and research aspects, Lock, and Re-Lock, in particular:The Multistation MS60 chasing a prism automatically, once go on-prism in question, the station hangs on it in "lock mode".

In this mode (lock) you can detect and trace 2D and 3D measurements in complete safety, and to have maximum accuracy with the aid of piezoelectric motors installed on the Multistation MS60 and manner of mono-operator offers to monitor the Planet.Rent a locking system of the Dynamic Lock prism

Leica SmartPole enhances full-mono-operator to monitor the Planet mode.In this mode, there is freedom of choice, you can easily switch between GNSS and TPS and vice versa.
Measure each point with TPS and GNSS or quickly measure layers of points for monitoring setting.
Simply tap the icon and SmartPole instantly changes from GNSS to TPS, providing maximum flexibility for maximum productivity and accuracy.
On-the-fly control point (a point can be measured with both GNSS and TPS), there is no longer the need to first measure orientation points and then move on to measure particular points.We can choose the control points can offer the best geometric distribution, while simultaneously completing the survey with a scanning or measuring points with remote electronic distance with ATRplus of over 1 km.

Normally prefer relief for centering forced with parking TPS - GNSS, the precision in tracking mode is ensured.

Rent Leica SmartPole - Long Range