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Significant running with GPR (ground-penetrating radar)

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October 2016
Responsible for carrying out the survey with ground penetrating radar in the corresponding areas dell'Albergone the Bridge on the River Lamone place to the SP service n. 253R San Vitale
The radar technique for reflection allows to detect the presence of variations of the dielectric constant of the medium investigated.

Such variations manifest themselves as organized reflections of the pulsed radar signal and can originate, for example, by the lithology changes, interfaces between materials with different characteristics, structural discontinuities, cavities, reinforcement bars, metal objects, underground utilities, buried structures etc .. 

The survey covered an area of approximately 4,000.00 square meters, with a depth of investigation (maximum depth to which it is possible to detect the presence of an object) from 0 to 8 m from ground level. Each section GPR (maps to a different color depth investigation) has been obtained by a tomographic interpolation process.

The sections in the paved areas are the result of the results obtained by considering the processing dual antenna system (200-600 MHz), while areas with topsoil the reported sections were obtained by considering the data recorded with the low antenna frequency (80MHz).