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Project portfolio

Our project portfolio

laser scanner survey of roads
January 2018
Laserscanner surveys and assistance in topographic surveys of the road construction site
October 2017
Topographic survey of metal abnormalities
September 2017
Topographic survey with Gradiometro-Magnetometer for iron anomalies on safe climbing
July 2017
 Significant running with GPR (ground-penetrating radar)
October 2016
Responsible for carrying out the survey with ground penetrating radar in the corresponding areas dell'Albergone the Bridge on the River Lamone place to the SP service n. 253R San Vitale
topographical survey geometric-structural laser scanner
September 2016
surveying performing 3D laser scanner to detect the geometric and structural sections of the bridge
Photogrammetry and laser scanner survey the internal and external
September 2016
photogrammetry and 3D laser scanner manufactured in the historic center
topographic survey of agricultural property and fractionation topographical border
February 2016
topographic survey and verification of boundaries with new boundary tracking
Relief and stacking Nursery & CIP ciop located in Molinella
November 2015
Reliefs and scans 3D laser scanner, preparation of cadastral maps and related type Docfa for stacking
Housing development in Lugo di Romagna
October 2015
Drafting of divisions related to housing development in Lugo (RA) and topographic testing of infrastructure works Realized
Mini Hydroelectric Power Station
October 2015
Topographic relief in site for verification artifacts positioning, processing and updating Land Cadastre Building Cadastre with attribution of income in Portico di Romagna in union of the towns of Forli.
Stacking the water treatment plant Standiana located in Ravenna
September 2015
Relief in site for verification positioning artifacts, processing updating Land Cadastre and Building Cadastre with attribution annuity
Precision Agriculture
August 2015
Surveying, calculations and tracking agricultural mount new planting with hail
Architectural enhancement archaeological park of Class
May 2015
Topographic surveys, laser scans, terrain modeling and tracking activities for the enhancement of the Old Port Late Roman and Byzantine empires, located inside the archaeological called "Podere Chiavichetta" in locations Class, Ravenna.
Determination of positioning WGS84 '- ETRF2000'
May 2015
Topographic survey and determination of accuracy WGS84 coordinate '- ETRF 2000' and IGM grids