Professional instruments & Software

geomatica professionale The choice of instrumentation is certainly a key factor for a geomatics professional.
Selecting a type of instrument means selecting a work method with all the relative study and training it requires to master it.
The partnership with Leica Geosystem was certainly a crucial decision. Leica Geosystems S.p.A. is the Italian branch of the Leica Geosystem AG, multinational company with head offices in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.The company is developing its business in the market areas dedicated to: Contruction Sites, Operation of heavy machinery, Topography and Geodesy (Total Stations and GPS), 3D measurement (laser scan and photogrammetry), Controls and Monitoring, GIS and IT Systems (Software and GPS). Leica Geosystem is a guarantee of highly precise measurements and the acquisition of three-dimensional objects, together with the modelling and editing of data, characteristics that are now the hallmark of Monitor the Planet services.