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web-based and responsive 2D / 3D system

10 September 2018
Monitor the Planet, an innovative start-up of the Emilia-Romagna relevant local authority, in its Axis dedicated to Research and Innovation, is implementing the "KIT - Geomatic Technologies" project.
With this new project, the company intends to enhance its service, through the adoption of a web-based and responsive 2D / 3D system that allows to have in the cloud the various surveys obtained with advanced equipment, sharing the results with other technicians and with the structures and offices of the client. Indeed, one of the cornerstones of KIT will be the use of standard formats for interoperability and 2D and 3D data visualization, including the standard formats associated with BIM (Building Information Modeling). The proposed system will include tools for uploading and downloading the main CAD / BIM / GIS formats with a preview of the same; moreover, through specific consultancy, the company will be able to offer a preview service and cloud repository in standard format of the yards followed, providing personalized access to clients and designers.
The consultancy required is characterized by a highly specialized content, based on the construction of an innovative WebGis 2D / 3D service for the expansion and enrichment of the activities carried out by the company. With regard to the evolutionary trajectories of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy, in relation to the construction sector, Monitor the Planet Srl identifies in the multidisciplinary platforms, and in particular the restoration of cultural heritage, an innovative element useful in order to allow the various professionals involved in the production and construction process to work on the same files.