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Development of archaeological site

Works related to the preparation and enhancement of the ancient Late Roman and Byzantine port.

01 July 2018
  • Project: Open procedure for the awarding of a public contract concerning the awarding of works for the preparation and enhancement of the ancient Late Roman and Byzantine port, located within the archaeological area called "Podere Chiavichetta "in Classe, Ravenna.
  • Client: private company
  • Year of realization: 2014/2015
  • Location: Classe (Ravenna)
The topographical assistance and the structures to be installed for the enhancement of the site within the archaeological area called "Podere Chiavichetta" in the Classe area (Ravenna) were decisive in preventing the interferences between the existing (of historical-archaeological value) and the new structures to be built.
The precious Archeological Park of Classe has an excavation area of 14,610 square meters and a perimeter of 635 m of length, the height of the excavation goes beyond the 3 m of depth from the ground level and 2 meters from the average sea level.
The various construction phases consisted of:
  • Topographic survey and acquisition of 3D laser scans to perform overlapping checks between project and survey with acquisition of actual site quotas;
  • Project tracking as deposited to the authorities 3D terrain modeling and drafting of tables with contour lines and sections at the required points;
  • Tracing of foundation piles fixtures for drilling topographic survey and 3D scanning of infill poles with piping processing for the part of aboveground piles for the purposes of precision metal carpentry;
  • Georeferencing of the archaeological site and control of quoted benchmarks of Arpae.
The site was followed with the aid of the Leica MS50, GS14 and CS15 instrumentation, connected via remote control. The monitoring and the various construction phases were carried out independently.
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