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Point Cloud Model

Laserscanner survey by drone and with MecGeos support. Result with oriented point cloud.

08 January 2020
Aligned point cloud production of an industrial plant for both external and internal parts and raw data returned as requested by the client
  • Project: internal and external 3D laser scanner survey of the CLAI plant in Faenza.
  • Client: Direct company
  • Location: Faenza (RA)
We performed the topographical, aerial photogrammetric survey and the Laser scanner survey of the external and internal areas of the plant with the help of the following devices:
  • TS60 LEICA; 
  • Zoom 90 Geomax
  • Drone RTK
Remotely piloted aircraft (APR):
  • APR tipo RTK con elaborazione dati in PPK.
Laser Scanner:
  • Leica P30
  • Faro serie S
  • Faro Serie X
  • Prototipo MecGeos (developed by Monitor the Planet)

Numeri e tempistiche:

  • 1000 scans, 1 polygonal support with cornerstones and 2 flights with drone
  • 1 month of work including processing and return

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