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Can scans be used for monitoring? What instruments are used for monitoring?

Monitor the Planet has selected the Leica GeoMoS, an automatic monitoring module with n.Vec and the Leica GeoMoS MS50 Multistation.
This is the leading automatic scanning solution for monitoring deformation in an integrated monitoring system:
1) In the cases of bridges, roofs, buildings, or natural structure, the real-time scanning solution used by Monitor the Planet controls any deformation so that no movement goes unobserved.
2) Leica GeoMoS Scanning, working in tandem with the Multistation MS50, enables Monitor the Planet to guarantee the possibility and to define the scanning area through “image” support on surfaces with or without  measurement prisms (roads, monuments, inaccessible constructions, etc.).
Leica GeoMoS n.Vec Technology allows the automatic analysis of the deformations. Once the scanning area has been defined, it can be added to the automatic cycles, ensuring rapid integration with Projects.
3) The Leica GeoMoS Scanning technology used by Monitor the Planet offers the visualization of all the results using colour-coded deformation clouds inside a 3D panoramic viewer. High-resolution images and traceable history ensure the clear interpretation of the information. Leica GeoMoS Scanning, together with Leica Nova MS50, was chosen by Monitor the Planet to achieve all monitoring objectives.