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Depending on the mutual distance between the electrodes that put the current and the other two that the measure can investigate increasing depth of soil.
The geoelectric tomography provides information on the vertical sections of the subsoil; thanks to this non-invasive technique can be clearly identified by the context geolithological polluted areas, cavities, as well as anomalous bodies, groundwater or extended archaeological strata.

Fields of application:

- Studies to search for water;
- Modeling of aquifers;
- Vulnerability studies of groundwater;
- Mapping of the permeability of soils;
- Monitoring marine ingression into aquifers;
- Bi-dimensional analysis of the subsoil;
- Buildings of flood control lesionatiindividuazione succession;
- Studies for environmental remediation;
- Assessing extent and thickness illegal dumping;
- Monitoring and inspecting the integrity of containment sheeting in tanks and / or discarichevalutazione of archaeological risk;
- Soil studies.

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