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What advantages does Monitor the Planet instrumental technology offer?

The technology used by Monitor the Planet guarantees the precision and “versatility” that is in increasing demand in any type and genre of measurement.
For example, the measurements taken by Monitor the Planet offer the "choice", that in some cases may become an “obligation”, of having the possibility of intervening on the non-programmed measurements. For example:
  • being able to easily recover measurements, previously thought to be unnecessary, of the survey conducted from the office, thanks to the 3D scanning of the area conducted at the same time by as the topographic survey.
  • during a central phase of construction, it may become necessary to integrate points or references unplanned during the first phase of the survey, where for various reasons a 3D scan was not conducted, or it was not initially planned to survey a specific area, which was perhaps adjacent to the survey area. In this case, the setting of the Total Station, together with the GNSS connectivity, remote controlled by just one operator, makes it possible to carry out operations on the reference system and to connect the works freely and easily, with a notable impact on final operating margins and economic results.
  • it may become directly necessary on site, during a layout for example, to materialize references selected on the spot and not previously processed in the office.  The software installed in the Monitor the Planet equipment is capable of processing data even in the middle of the countryside with precise and guaranteed results.