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More information on geomatics, topographic surveys, monitoring methodologies, and technologies used.
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What is GPS?
In that case it uses the GPS
BIM for existing buildings?
BIM can be used starting from the point cloud for a refund of the existing best
Depending on the mutual distance between the electrodes that put the current and the other two that the measure can investigate increasing depth of soil.
Geoelectric for measures in Archaeology
The geoelectric surveys are among the most used geophysical methods for studying the underground in archaeological contexts
The bathymetric surveys for the morphological development of the marine and lake
The bathymetry is a discipline that deals with the measurement of the depth and the mapping of the seabed.
The Gotthard base tunnel
some history of Leica Geosystems
Laser Scanner in the nautical
Manage a 3D model of a boat from a laser scanner survey
BIM! Solved the communication problems between professionals
In the construction process it is now possible to work in harmony.