aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry

Photogrammetry has today a fundamental role in the study and representation of the territory.
Although historically its origin is confused with the birth of photography in the mid of the 'nineteenth century, it was only the first decades of the twentieth century, with the development of aviation technology, which has become the protagonist in the creation of any cartographic document.
Photogrammetry is the technique which allows you to define the position, shape and size of objects on the ground, using the information in appropriate photographic images of the same object, taken from different points.
Photogrammetry is a technique of relief that allows you to capture the metric data of an object (shape and position) through the acquisition and analysis of a couple of frames using stereometric rooms metrics adjusted on board of different platforms. Photogrammetry can be monoscopic if concerning the correction and the straightening of individual frames, in this case it is possible to obtain an orthogonal projection of two-dimensional, parallel to the surface framed; or stereoscopic, in the case where the same object is photographed from two different points so as to obtain a three dimensional view; This procedure allows for the spatial coordinates x, y, z, and therefore also to measure the dimension values of its various parts.
Currently photogrammetry allows you to build a baseline of immediate reading on which they build studies, analyzes and projects concerning the structure and transformations of the territory. 
One of the main products of aerial photogrammetry is the orthophotos, an aerial photograph that has been geometrically corrected and it complies with the real object of surveying.The aerial photography finds its proper dimension in the use of various types of drones on the market.
The terrestrial photogrammetry uses cameras that acquire the objects of interest (for example, parts of buildings) from the ground.
We of Monitor the Planet, we are able to design and implement projects that can integrate technologies photogrammetry and laser scanner according to the needs of those commissioned the work.