Data downloading and processing software

software leica infinityAn intelligent software platform with intelligent information architecture that opens up previously unimagined possibilities with many aspects of your workflow.
Leica Infinity not only allows the processing of complex structures with absolute precision, it is above all the key to simple access to 3D data processing.
Hassle-free and rapid completion always saves time, particularly in complex projects.
Leica Infinity is designed to provide the choice between expanding or reducing the survey plans and response times, and decisions are made faster, thereby raising levels of project efficiency.
No matter how complex the survey is, it is important to be aware of the project status.
Accessing raw data makes it easier to identify what has been processed and where there is still much work to be done.
Leica Infinity offers all the instruments for documenting and referencing every individual step as well as the final results. All the data, the final results and the supplies are contained in the project and can be accessed when needed.