3D Scans

The laser scanner sensors (also known s 3D laser) are instruments that make it possible to create 3D models of objects in different resolutions and scales.
Thanks to its versatility, the laser scanner is the ideal tool for architectural, industrial, and naval applications, where a greater degree of detail is required, or in environmental applications, quarries, roads, and zones that are difficult to access, etc., thanks to its adequate capacity and considerable speed.

The advantage of a laser scanner sensor is that it obtains one or more results of the survey that enable it to extract, as easily as possible, a series of information regarding the object to be surveyed.
Depending on the type of request made by the client, special processing procedures must be carried out, which must be planned ahead and controlled during use.

The products that can be obtained today through the use of laser technology may vary.
There are, however, two main and essentially different families of products:

  • Products deriving solely from laser technology (3D surface models, level curves, cross-sections, exhibition models,...)
  • Products that can be obtained from Monitor the Planet thanks to the integration of laser scanner technology with topographic surveys and image processing technology.